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Organizational Development Services

Contact Consulting for the following organizational development services for citizen and non-governmental organizations:

  • advice to exceed your legal obligations, avoid risk, prevent scandals, and be a good, successful organization;
  • development, implementation, management and evaluation of organizational development plans, codes, policies, processes and training programs;
  • advice on how to organize and coordinate coalitions of organizations;
  • enforcement of organizational codes and policies (as ombudsman or ethics/integrity/sustainability officer);
  • advice on relations with stakeholders affected by organizational plans, codes, policies and processes, and;
  • development, coordination and evaiuation of stakeholder consultation processes.

Duff Conacher

Duff Conacher (LL.B.) has the following more than 20 years wealth of organizational development expertise and experience to help your organization succeed:

  • organizer, advisor and/or executive director of more than 10 organizations (including 2 national organizations and 4 national coalitions);
  • as Assistant Coordinator of the Democracy Education Network, developed two courses of more than 45 training documents on how to be an effective citizen advocate and citizen advocacy group in Canada, and delivered dozens of workshops to citizen groups since 2001;
  • author of board and staff training manuals for 5 organizations;
  • wrote grant applications and donor appeal letters that raised more than $1.7 million for 2 organizations since 1994, and assisted in organizational development efforts with 6 organizations that resulted in them raising more than $11 million since 1988;
  • author of the best-selling books Canada Firsts and More Canada Firsts which involved researching how more than 300 Canadian organizations became the best in the world in their field;
  • functionally bilingual in French, and proficient in Spanish, and;
  • with an LL.B. and the above experience, can research and advise on all aspects of any organizational development plan.

For help making your organization a good, successful organization, contact:
Duff Conacher, LL.B.
Director, Consulting
Skype: duff.conacher