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References for Duff Conacher, Director of Consulting

Duff Conacher "Your report on Canada was among our best reports."
Nathaniel Heller, Managing Director
Global Integrity

"One of the most insightful critics of the government on democratic and accountability issues has been Duff Conacher."
Anthony Germain, Reporter
CBC Radio

"The watchdog of watchdogs."

Evan Solomon, Host

CBC TV's Power and Politics

"He deserves credit for single-handedly elevating the ethical standards and conduct in Ottawa."
Pat Martin, federal Member of Parliament in Canada

"I want to thank you for your participation on the Panel discussing Perspectives on Balanced Reporting.  You added considerably to the value of the participants' learning experiences.  The audience was most appreciative of your candour and enthusiasm as well as the insights your provided.  . . .  Again, thank you for your willingness to participate with the PPX and your excellent and thoughtful remarks."
Brian Evans, Coordinator
Government of Canada's Performance and Planning Exchange

". . . to have a guy like Duff Conacher from outside look inside and see from an objective position how it [Canada's good government system] could be made better I think is an invaluable asset for our country."
Gerald Caplan, Canadian public policy analyst

"Mr. Conacher, all I can say is, Wow.  We have had more than 45 witnesses appear before this committee in our study of Bill C-2 [the "Federal Accountability Act"], and Bill C-2 is a big, complicated act.  It has many sections, many statutes and many different areas — whistle-blowing, lobbying, conflict of interest — and you are the only witness before us who has commented on them all, so I say, Wow."
Senator Donald H. Oliver, Chair
Standing Senate Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs

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